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Modern Day Pygmalion, UKUS & RusAme
Nations try to tap magicaly turned teenage!Russia, America "saves" him
Russia/Vietnam/America threesome, strap-on use
America nurses sick!Russia to health, friends or established relationship
Russia/Fem!America/Male!Belarus, consensual threesome
America freaks out when he hears more about abusive Stalin, established RusAme
Russia tries America's glasses, leads to sexy times
America settles the score against Russia with the ultimate duel: a farting contest
Russia & America, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance
Hurt/comfort Good Friday Earthquake (1964 Alaska earthquake)
Russia finds he can't bring himself to kill America even when given the perfect chance
Russia uses sexy times to get America's attention back from texting bff Poland
secret!RusAme discreetly fuss over each other in meeting after a night of rough sex
secret!RusAme, unable to fake strong enmity in front of others after sweet lovemaking
America and his relations with his presidents, from past to now (Bonus lists RusAme as option)
Russia/Fem!America, Size Kink
History AU, America enforces the "Get Tough" policy
Upside down American flag (Bonus asks for RusAmeUK, or RusAme)
Paranoid!America accuses Russia for his bee colony collapsing
Putin arranges a casting for the best nation to pop Russia's cherry (First bonus is RusAme pairing)
America watches "Russia Today"
Sexual tension torture (Bonus lists RusAme as option)
Hetalia/No More Heroes crossover, bonus lists RusAme for pairing
Little Rascals crossover, Alfalfa!America and Darla!FemRussia
Tony decides to play matchmaker between Russia and America
Cold War, America overhears Stalin's verbal abuse over Russia
Russia kidnaps baby!Alaska and mommy!America
RusAme finds sex is better when it involves war
After a drunken night, America finds himself married to Russia
Cold War!America mentality appears after an injury in established RusAme
America is the supernatural one while his love interest is the human (Bonus lists RusAme as option)
America roleplays as a cop, not knowing Russia fears them
Beauty and the Beast play for social work, Belle!America and Beast!Russia
Russia calls him sunflower, America compares his eyes to Siberian Irises
Russia confronts America regarding the adoption scandal
Russia/England/America, jerk-circle
Russia gives America a tour of the country
Girl on girl consensual BDSM, bonus lists genderbent RusAme as option
Russia breaks down in front of disguised-as-therapist!America
Pregnant!Russia gets blackmailed, America is the oblivious!daddy
Cold War, America gets kidnapped by Russia's government without him knowing
Russia/fem!America/England DP
Hurt/comfort, America leaves and returns after an argument to a shy/worried Russia


Academic AU with a twist, professors!RusAmeUK, eventual threesome
Amerrica/Russia/Canada threesome with dirty sextalk in public-indoors
America goes buddy buddy with Russia when visited during the American Civil War
Canada/Ukraine play matchmakers to Russia & America
Russia/Fem!America, fingering and insulting/arguing the whole time
Getting mixed signals from each other
Russia DP'd by America and a dildo
Bodyguard AU, bodyguard!Russia assigned to protect photojournalist!America
McCarthyism as an expression of America's latent homosexual urges
America DP, Russia topping from top and Canada from bottom
RusUkJpnAme, foursome with America bottoming
Uniform fetish exchange: America wears Soviet uniform & Russia has bomber jacket & jeans
Stuffing kink, America stuffs Russia
America gets infatuated by big boobed!FemRussia
Russia offers moral support during the American Civil War
"Plus he can only get an erection when your civil rights are being violated."
America and Russia come together to figure skate one cold morning
Russia finds and plays with magically turned toy-sized!America
Russia/America/England, fluff and angst
America freaks out when he sees his State with Russia's Federal subjects
Russia vents his anger after the Soviet fall by invading the Pacific Northwest of America
Debu Note Parody, America & Russia stops one another to be the "hero"
"It's okay, you're American, everyone expects you to be fat."
How Russia deals with serious and badass!America
America/Cuba/Canada/Russia foursome
Astronaut AU
Seeing the other in their flag, sparking lust and protectiveness
Good dirty smut but still happy with each other
AmeRus, Dazzle Vodka
Human AU, America born with Butterfly Disease
Map fluff
Drunk!Ukraine & England crash RusAme date & tell embarrassing baby stories
England & France finds America is not dumb based on interactions w/ others (Bonus is Russia)
America breaks Russia's pipe, results in Russia being almost-crying sad
Afraid of ghosts!America dealing with General Winter while improving Russian relations
Human AU, human trafficker!Russia decides to buy America himself
Russia tops both America and Canada simultaneously on a meeting table
Frisky Dingo fusion, Killface!Russia & Xander Crews/Awesome X!America
Human AU, Russia is America's creepy gym teacher, and they're doing each other
Dark!America appears when insulted by other nations for comforting former enemy Russia
Highschool Video Humiliation AU, past Cuba/America, eventual RusAme
Meeting genderbent counterpart (Pairing option is RusAme)
Historical AU, Russia is the one who raised young!America & Canada


Russia/China/America, Bottle rape with a vodka & Coke bottle
Language Kink, Re-done scene from "A Fish Named Wanda"
AU, animal rescuer!America saves a large cat with purple eyes that can transform into a human
Russia makes sweet loving sex to mpreg-with-Alaska!America
Alaska was a mistake, with mpreg!Russia with twins
Established RusAme, onesided France/America- Anniversary of the French Revolution
America serenades Russia with "Back in the USSR" in karaoke
Timetravel AU, established RusAme meets their Cold War counterparts
Russia/Cuba/America/Turkey - Cuban Missile Crisis Foursome
Hetalia Toy Story Style (RusAme listed as optional pairing)
experienced!America deflowering virgin!Russia
RusAme, FrUK stuck in an endless maze containing deadly traps
Leverage crossover, RusAme listed as pairing
Helping America and his country heal when weakened
Russia finds out America is part eagle during first time sex
established USUK, England finds out America is filling RusAme prompts
Russia wins a future war and wanta more of America instead of previously as close friends
Diplomacy through hamburger & fries, inspired by Obama & Medvedev's fastfood outing
Watersports leading up to sex
Lolita version without angst and non-genderbent Lolita!America
Fighting over what sex positions is the best to use
Nations play Truth or Dare, Britannia Angel makes it they all tell the truth (RusAme option)
Nations & their Dark side while waiting for America in meeting room (RusAme listed as pairing)
Sequel request to asleep!America given as Xmas present to Russia by drunk!Canada
Human AU, America & Canada goes for a prostitute, America pays barman!Ivan instead
Genderbent Cold War
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 crossover, Russia taking over America
Oral gun kink (RusAme listed as pairing)
Fem!Russia/America, manipulation of a crush
America in a cowgirl position (Bonus pairing lists RusAme as option)
America acts as a pet for the lonely Russia, animal ears and butt plug tail
Singing during sex (RusAme listed as pairing)
Multiple Genderbending/Pairings (2x Het, 1 Yaoi, 1 Yuri) w/ original Ame/Fem!Rus
Toy Story 3 movie night geeking
Nations finding out about the France/Russia/America threesome
America spills his feelings to Russia about abusive UKUS
Russia sending spies to see if America likes-likes him
Corporate AU
Fluff, Little America finds himself underneath surprised!Russia's coat
Shota, Russia babysits little America for England and plays 'games' with him
Love of Seven Dolls, America & puppeteer!Russia (Russia listed as an option)
Vacationing in Hawaii
Tarzan/Hetalia crossover
America/Switzerland/Russia, gun kink threesome
Subway sex (RusAme listed as pairing option)
Fem!Russia & Fem!America end up on the same cycle and suffer from PMS at same time
Diomede Islands
Fantasty AU, Russia is bear by day & human by night, America is listed as option for the hunter
Microphilia, America gets shrunk and is taken as pet by Russia
Cold War, Russia freaks out America with a tidbit that the Pilgrims were initially communist


Historical AU, America switches to communism during worse times in WWII
fresh out of shower!America singing "Get It On", pounced by Russia
Cold War AU, future!Russia meets his past self!USSR to prevent America's death
Secret heaven in St. Petersburg, Florida aka "The Sunshine City"
Late 80's, UST!Cold War still on, but this time with wary turning to shameless flirting
Vampire AU, vampires!Russia & America mistake each other for humans in a club
Russia did not take virgin!America to protect him, later finds out America got raped
Russia/America/Prussia love triangle
America gets turned on by photos of shirtless!Russia
obsessive one-sided!Lithuania/America, established pairing option lists RusAme
Forced political union/marriage leads to an actual relationship
Watersports, Russia likes to see America squirm & does anything to hold him up
Interaction somehow leads to a foursome, France/Russia/America/England
McDonald's diet affects scent of Fem!America vag, bonus lists Rus/Fem!America
Russia sweeps America off his feet in a meeting
Human AU, Single fathers falling in love
Violent fighting leads to sex, inspired by Deadliest Warrior RusAme fanart
Russia pursues relationship with America; England & Japan teams up to stop him
Russia/Fem!America, non-virgin first time orgasm
Russia gets turned on when he catches America being violent
America tries hard to please their partner sexually (Russia listed as an option)
World's busiest McDonalds is in Moscow
America afraid of Russia's enormous dick, while secretly fantasizing being topped by it
Old West Human AU, Accidental mail-order bride, America/Fem!Russia
Russia/American/England threesome, w/ rivalry between Russia & England
Sharing a nightmare dream about the Golden Horde
Anything goes except AU, genderbent Americe/Russia
Movie night w/ Russia & America tries to hide his Cold War-themed paraphernalia
BDSM + ignored safe word
BDSM gone right, RusAme listed as optional pairing
America gets an unexpected boner on seeing a detailed map of Russia during Cold War
Tony walks in on America & Russia having sex during the Cold War
Gangsta!Russia & Pink-dress bitch!America, inspired by animation
Listening to Lady Gaga's Poker Face and/or Bad Romance


Nazi!Germany/America/still allied w/ Axis Soviet!Russia threesome
America finds chess boring then gets very into it later, Russia gets turned on by serious!America
Cold War, Getting each other hot and bothered without actually touching the other
America necking Russia to prove there is nothing to be shy about his scars
Belarus/Fem!America/Ukraine/Russia, birthday surprise for Russia
Parts of America's body w/ taste/smell of states they represent (RusAme listed as option)
Established RusAme, Russia's old selves appear in the present: Russian Empire & Soviet Russia
Payback sex for seducing one of Russia's best cosmonauts into joining NASA
Cold War AU, communist!America & democratic!Russia
The "America" & "Russia" team cockblocking RusAme (multiple nations)
Fem!Russia fucking chained!America senseless
Secret marriage from the 1800s shocks the nations in present time
"Space race" at the carnival
Breast play with Fem!Russia's large tracts of land (America listed as partner option)
America & China fighting for Russia's love, Russia thinks he'd rather have both
Accidentally sent to another dimension where no nation-tans exist
Drug turns nations mortal in terrorist attack (RusAme listed as pairing option)
Russia wears a Disney shirt unnoticed in a meeting
Mpreg fluff, mpreg!Russia in his third trimester
Cold War, unleased by their boss as a Honey Trap aka sexual spy
Death Note crossover, confused Shinigami eyes (pairing option lists AmeRus)
America gets turned on by sadistic!Russia
Russia/America/England BDSM, sequel request for 2 related stories
Canada is the reason America is scared of ghosts (pairing option lists RusAme)
Human AU, past UK/Fem!US, current Rus/Fem!US, Sealand is England's child
Super dominant!America (Russia listed as option for submissive partner)
Firefly AU, Mal!Russia & Simon!America (RusAme + various pairings)
Age Kink AU, professor!Russia & son of the school's dean!America
Fem!Russia/Fem!America, stereotypical catfight in Cold War
Belarus tries to kill mpreg!America (w/ Alaska), cue parents being protective
Love triangle, America -> Belarus -> Russia -> America
Financial Crisis Aftermath, Russia shows up at America's house
College AU, Russia/America/England, helping professor!England come out of closet
Human AU, Russia pairs off Belarus to America, Russia ends up falling in love with him
AU, Russia & America are conmen on the run, chased by Police!England
Nation receives anonymous naughty photos (RusAme as option w/ Russia as said nation)
Russia discovers America is secretly a female
Russia & America in a custody fight over Alaska
Reversed role, terrifyingly clever!America kidnaps Russia
America/Slav family (Russia, Belarus, & Ukraine) foursome
Human AU, shy/lonely/reclusive Russia wants to do more in his life (RusAme listed as option)
Human AU, prisoner!America in gulag, w/ Russia in charge
Heated fight leading to hatesex reveals this is first time for America, cue gentle!Russia
America returns the favor in Russia's birthday w/ mutual snarkyness
AU, senator begins affair w/ secretary (option is senator!Russia & secretary!America)
Shy America + experienced partner, getting over shyness during sex (RusAme as option)
AmeRus, powerplay kink with submissive!uke!Russia
RACE foursome, Russia/America/China/England
Russia + Canada to make America squirm then DPs him
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind based prompt (AmeRus listed as option)
Russia suddenly thinks he's an animal and views America as his mate
America shaves Russia because he likes his men hairless
Fem!America teased/seduced by Fem!Russia until she can't take it anymore
Russia seeks comfort in Putin's new puppy and it reminds him of America

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